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About Allison Angel

Allison Angel

Hey guys! I am Allison Angel, and i have my own personal nude site! I am 19 at the moment (when I started I was 18 so about half the content is from when I was an 18 year old teen!). I have nice big REAL teen boobs… 36D. 36 ass and 26 waist.
I love getting naked and masturbating. I like to have several main themes to my site, and those are:
General nudity
Public Nudity
and lesbian scenes.

All the content is of very high quality, videos of me for example are often in 1mb/s rates (although I make sure we also have them in smaller sizes so people on slower speeds can see it all ok!)

There are several areas to my personal site. Firstly I have my members only photo and video area. I add new pics or vids of me every 4 days. Then there is “My Playground” where i upload more random videos, often ones I take myself. They are more “personal”.

I also LOVE other girls, so have a whole section for my photos/vids where I appear with my girlfriends! I think it is quite well known that where you see Allison Angel, you often see other sexy FTV girls as well!

Then I have my journal where you find out what it is like to be Allison Angel. I have entries about school, general life, family etc. And lastly the message board where you can get in direct contact with me, AllisonAngel!

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