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Alison Angel Episode 265

Alison Angel resorting to nudes

Today we’re going to take a look at one of her more recent episodes on – episode 265 – “Resorting to Nudes”.

In this set of Alison Angel  there is a large photo set and 3 videos. In the photo sets she starts off wearing clothes, then gradually takes them off, untill finally engaging in some lesbian fun with her girlfriend.

The following screenshot shows the first few rows of the thumbs of this photo set. you also get the option to download all the images as a zip.

Alison Angel

I have to say, in this set Alison looks very happy as you can see from the following photo of Alison (click to view full size)
Alison Angel smiling

As you can see from the following screenshot of the video download page, with the thumbs from the video, it is a varied and fun video-

video of alison angel

Here is my favourite scene from the video (as a screen capture)

AlisonAngel is cute

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