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Alison Angel Messing About In Pigtails [pics]

Lets get one thing straight, and that is that this hot blonde chick is Alison Angel. She was originally on FTV Girls, but then became so popular that she opened her own site Alison Angel. She is posing today in a set from her own site completely naked (well, wearing some socks). I think these photos were taken in some kind of garage or something. The video that goes alongside this set is really hot. It is basically Alison messing around (and she gets felt up by another girl).

alison angel in pigtails

I do think that she is looking really hot here. Her totally perfect body is really sexy. I think the photo above looks really hot – even if her smile looks a bit odd there? I am not sure why but it doesn’t look right. Not that i care – Alison is so hot anyway what does a weird smile matter. I think her boobs look really nice in the photo above too.

alison angel in pigtails pic

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