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Alison Angel and The Mugger – The Full True Story

Hey guys, it is time to clear up an old story. Back a year or two ago there were some rumours going around the internet after websites posted stories about “Alison Angel and the Mugger”. Apparently some robber came up behind Alison Angel while she was out watering her plants, and tried to steal money from her.

Maybe the mugger was not aware that Alison works out regularly and is a super confident cute chick. Not like most blonde 20-something year old girls. Alison can definitely kick ass on the internet. She is one of the most popular porn stars out there – even in 2014 where there are 1000s of pornstars. Alison still rocks!

I will leave it up to you but do you think this cute army chick would kick ass? Leave a comment below if you do.

Alison Angel - Mugger?

Alison Angel – Mugger?

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