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Interview with Alison Angel

Alison AngelToday we decided we wanted to write up more about the actual person behind – Alison herself. If you’re just after galleries of her, you should just look around the rest of the site – this is a serious post :). We got in touch with Alison herself and through a couple of emails found out a bit about her & we’re happy to share.
Why Alison first got into porn

As you probably know, Alison Angel was first on FTV Girls, a multi girl site, but because she became so popular with fans the produces decided to set up her own site – (and now she’s become even more famous!). As she puts it:

I started my adult modeling career after a good friend of mine shot for FTV. I was honesly in love with being in front of a camera, and the opportunty just happen to come along.

You can just tell she loves being in front of the camera, too. You can see from all of her sets, from one of her earliest to her latest that she is doing what she loves (and I love her for loving that!)

All that popularity – does it get too much for her…
Her site, is ranked at about the 15,000 most popular on the entire web which is pretty amazing, so we were not too suprised to hear from her that she does get recognised when she goes outside from time to time

I can tell when someone knows me from the website becuase they get this look in their eye like “is this for real?” but very few come up to me. It has happened thou- one time I was in line at the buffet with my Uncle, I had a hard time smoothing that one out later on. I dont mind getting recognized as long as its done tastefully and Im not around any of my young family members. I really apprecite my fans, they are why I have such a successful website! That and an awesome program behind me!

And also any stalkers? Weird requests?

I always get strange requests, I try and be polite but sometimes you have to stand your ground and defend your privacy. But no, no stalkers yet! Knock on wood!!!

But don’t let that be an invitation to be her first! :o

And her favourites…

We had to ask. Everyone must of been dying to know, what her favourite things were… (and we even managed to keep them non dirty!)

Movies – Step Up, Pearl Harbor ( and The Notebook
TV Shows -Tyra Banks and Nip Tuck
Music – I love r&b and country and some rock.
Food – chips and salsa!
Books – I love to read, but im picky! So far ‘Make him look good’ is a

So there you go. Hope that gave you a little insight into Alison! Read all this way and want a gallery now? Ok, take a look…

Alison Angel Gallery

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