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Lia 19 and Alison Angel in intimate set!

Lia 19 and Alison angel

Apart from Alison Angel, the one other beauty that I admire more than anyone else in the world is that hot and sexy Lia 19. And here is one of my favourite photoshoots of both Lia and Alison in their “Intimate Moments” photo and video sets! They are so god damn sexy! And this is one of their most hardcore lesbian scenes, and go much further than just hugging and kissing…! Haha. I love this set so much. Click the image to see more.

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  1. huney i need to talk to you soon in a gentleman and i want to verify is youre name is elizabeth furguson, i know lia .19 she is a nice person i wish to chat with boths
    ok love you boths

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