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Schoolgirl Alison Angel

Alison Angel is wearing her sexy schoolgirl uniform. But first of course she must wake up and get into her uniform. The photo sets and videos on Alison’s site are always featuring Alison doing lots of various and different things. This set (and the video to go along with it) is one of my more favorite ones. I think Alison Angel looks really hot as she gets out of bed in the morning and starts to put her clothes on. She knows its going to be a kinky day so even starts playing with her pussy while in her bedroom.

alison angel waking up

Once she has actually gotten up (she sleeps with her boobs out!) the first action of the day is for Alison to get dressed. And as it is a schoolgirl uniform day obviously she must put on her sexiest and most revealing schoolgirl uniform. Don’t worry, her clothes will be back on the floor later! In her room she starts putting her clothes on, including a nice white gstring. She does some great upskirt photos and videos with her mini skirt which she will be putting on soon too. She would be the most popular girl at college with her looks!

alison angel getting changed into schoolgirl uniform in her bedroom

You can see Alisons sexy long legs as she poses and lifts up her heels. I think if you have a foot fetish you will really love Alison’s sexy feet, especially when she poses like in the photo above. Alison Angel also has a big pair of boobs, and when she wears that white blouse/shirt you can see the outline of her boobs. In other photos in the photo set on her site (and of course the video) you get to see Alisons great cleavage too. In case you haven’t seen or noticed her great cleavage, it is GREAT! I think Alison looks very sexy when she puts on her hot schoolgirl uniform on and teases us!

alison angel in schoolgirl uniform with socks and white panties upskirt

And here she is once at school. Or college. Whatever it is. Its closed. So she just has to sit there and look innocent. But when she looks innocent and like she isn’t up to no good, she flashes the camera with a nice upskirt. I think that is why she chose such a sexy mini skirt that morning, so she could do some sexy upskirt photos and videos.

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